Kojie San Skin Bleaching Soap Set Of 6 Bars X 65 Grams = Total 390 grams

kojic acid soap

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Kojie san skin bleaching soap contains  a high concentration of kojic acid  for skin whitening.It is one of the most well known brands in the skin whitening industry.6 bars in total 65 grams each for a total of 390 grams.

Kojie San bleaching soap when combined with the ascorbic-c found in the extra strength orange peeling lotion (page 3) is a strong skin lightening/bleaching set lightening the skin 6-7 shades lighter often used in dermatology offices as a replacement to high frequency pulse lasers.Combining kojic with ascorbic-c and numerous bleaching agents,this combination is recognized for its beautiful natural looking appearance and lightens the skin far more then kojie san soap alone.

NOTE: Kojie San is one of the most popular brands in the skin whitening industry,as a result there are many fake versions being sold elsewhere online. Kojie san is manufactured by a company called Beauty Element Ventures Inc or B.E.V.I , they are located literally right across the street from our offices. We purchase from B.E.V.I directly, this is the only way to be sure you are getting the real and authentic product as you will be receiving it from the source.Over 80% of Kojie San sold elsewhere online are fakes.