Kojie San Skin Bleaching Soap 6 Bars X 65 Grams = 390 Grams

original kojie san soap

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Kojie San soap contains a high concentration of kojic for strong whitening of the skin.It is also used to bleach hyperpigmented skin,dark spots,sun spots and age spots.6 bars in total 65 grams each for a total of 390 grams.

NOTE: Kojie San is one of the most popular brands in the skin whitening industry as a result there are many fake versions being sold elsewhere online.Kojie San is manufactured by a company called beauty element ventures inc. or B.E.V.I they are located literally right across the street from our offices.We purchase from B.E.V.I directly to guarantee authenticity this is the only way to be sure you are getting the real and authentic kojie san. Over 80% of kojie san sold elsewhere online are fakes.

*** Kojie san soap when combined with the i white korea imported 2 minute skin whitening /bleaching gel wash off mask found on page 3,dramatically bleaches the skin not one or two but several shades lighter as it contains lonicera caprifolium.When combined with the kojic in kojie san,lonicera caprifolium bleaches the skin dramatically lighter a beautiful complexion.