High Potency Yellow Peeling Oil 50 ml+Renew Placenta Cream 15 grams Skin Whitening / Bleaching Set


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This extra strength high potency Y.P.O yellow peeling oil + placenta cream bleaching set is particularly for individuals who want to lighten /bleach their skin not just one or two but several shades lighter.It bleaches the skin from a dark chocolate skin tone - light caramel skin tone - white skin tone.The set typically lasts for one month and should be used once every two weeks.Depending on how light you want to bleach your skin ,you can increase or decrease the usage.

Yellow peeling oil is known for bleaching the skin a beautiful natural looking shade.It has replaced high frequency pulse lasers as the most popular skin bleaching treatment used in dermatology clinics.Apply the yellow peeling oil on your face ,neck or anywhere you want to bleach your skin using a cotton ball or towel.Do not take a shower or expose your skin to water for eight hours after application. The added placenta cream is used to moisturize and bleach the skin for individuals who have dry skin.