Dr.Alvin Professional Skincare Formula Skin Whitening Rejumax # 3 Set

dr.alvin rejumax # 3 set

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*** Strong skin whitening /bleaching set   Dr.Alvin's new rejumax skin whitening set  is a tremendously popular and effective  skin whitening  set which has replaced the phased out dr.alvin rejuvenating set.The rejumax set, is primarily known as a strong skin bleaching set known to whiten the skin with a beautiful natural looking result.It is also very effective for the treatment of even the most stubborn cases of acne,stretch marks,dark spots,freckles and other skin blemishes. 

This 4 piece set consists of:

* 1 Dr.Alvin depigmenting / anti-acne 2% Hydroquinone, 0.025% Tretinoin solution

* 1 Dr.Alvin kojic acid soap 135 grams

* 1 Dr.Alvin smoothing cream  10 grams

* 1 Dr.Alvin  sunblock cream 10 grams