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extra strength orange peeling lotion

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The orange peeling lotion is actually a professional skin lightening and bleaching treatment that has replaced high frequency pulse lasers as a common skin bleaching treatment used in dermatology offices.Its popularity stems from the fact that it allows you to choose how many shades lighter you want your skin to be and for its absolutely gorgeous natural looking results.Apply the orange peeling lotion on your face neck,or anywhere you want to bleach your skin using a cotton ball or your hands.

Do not take a shower or expose your skin to water for eight hours after application as your skin will be lightening.If your natural skin tone is very dark to begin with ,such as a dark chocolate complexion by the end of the eight hours your skin will be within a light caramel range.50% of people stop there. The other 50% want to be more of a white skin tone all together and  repeat the next day.Should be applied once every two weeks once you have reached your desired skin tone.Allows you full control if you want your skin to be 2-3 shades lighter or 6 - 7 shades lighter.

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