Cocozen Novuhair

Cocozen-Novuhair-Hiroshi -- hair loss

Cocozen Novuhair is the #1 hair loss product being sold throughout asia for one reason works. This is the 3 piece set consisting of the shampoo,conditioner,and topical scalp lotion.This 3 pc set typically lasts for 4 months. It gets to the root cause of hair loss as a potent dht inhibitor.While many people dont understand how a very common simple condition such as dandruff is directly  related to hair loss, novuhair gets to the underlying conditions responsible for hair loss.

Inflammation from dandruff is a known root cause of hair loss, and novuhair eradicates this by providing a optimal scalp envirornment. It does simultaneously what very few products do which is create a optimal scalp envirornment while strengthening the hair follicles and reducing dht.