Watsons imported moroccan "liquid gold" argan oil body lotion extra large commercial size 490 ml

watsons moroccan argan oil body lotion

watsons liquid gold moroccan argan oil body lotion boasts incredible skin renewal benefits.While in recent years,argan oil particularly morroccan argan oil has been discovered for its incredible anti - aging benefits, the majority of brands contain a very low concentration or actual moroccan argan oil.

The watsons brand contain the highest concentration of pure moroccan argan oil or "liquid gold" as it has come to be known.It revitalizes ,and refreshes the skin leaving you looking stress free and well rested as if you have just slept for 12 hours.It is known for eradicating fine lines,and jowls as well as wrinkles before they form. Extra large commercial size 490 ml typically lasts for two months.