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With over 75 years of combined experience in skin lightening and bleaching among our staff,we are frequently asked for our expert opinion about all things related to skin bleaching on television programs radio shows or numerous publications worldwide.While the gold standard for skin lightening used by countless hollywood celebrities and models are glutathione iv intravenous injections for their quick and dramatic lightening,they often carry a outrageous price tag of $1500 dollars or more per injection which has to be repeated once a month.

There are just a few professional skin lightening products which can give you those kinds of results.Skin lightening companies and manufacturers often make two versions of the exact same product.Professional versions which we specialize in found in dermatology offices and pharmacies which bleach and lighten the skin more then just one or two shades and weaker store versions sold primarily everywhere else which seldom lighten the skin.

Before/after photos of mrs.sangeeta venkataraman of hyderabad india shown using extra strength professional orange peeling lotion and watsons glutathione bleaching capsules.

                                              verified purchases and reviews

***** August.18.2020 5/5 Lakeisha Ward,Desplaines illinois United States.Product:extra strength orange peeling lotion.

Let me say straight out this is the strongest skin bleaching product i have found.I was hesitant to purchase this lotion at first as i did purchase the exact same product from another seller without any results at all.But this was the opposite result it bleached my skin numerous shades lighter ,as i believe it is a professional strength skin lightening product.I would give this product 10 stars if i could.

***** August.31.2020 5/5 Barry Campbell,Akron Ohio United States.Products:kojie san soap & i white korea imported 2 minute bleaching gel.

Everything cool i look like a mixed mulatto dude.This kojie san is the real deal man.I had gotten kojie san soap previously from six different sellers on amazon and ebay ofcourse they all lied and said it was real. Actually i ended up getting dark spots and rashes from that fake crap i was not happy.None of them contained kojic inside this was verified by my dermatologist which means all of them were fake ass kojie san (authentic kojie san does contain kojic).The kojie san soap i got from this hiroshi company does contain kojic inside,its the real deal man.My advice your dealing with your face,make sure you get the legit soap.If you get it from some place else your taking a BIG chance.I got kojie san from six other sellers and ALL were cheap fakes.

***** Sept.17.2020 5/5 Diane Estes,San Bernadino California United States.Products:Cosmo skin reduced glutathione skin whitening capsules.

they dont deliver to U.S Apo or military bases so i had to have it sent to my relatives back home in california which was inconvenient.As for the cosmo skin capsules i love them they have lightened my skin much more then what i expected without the side effects.

response from the owner: hello diane as much as we love the military personnel,most carriers do not deliver to military bases.We deliver to 99% of countries around the globe but certain places like military bases or antarctica just are not possible at this time.Thank you.

**** Sept.24.2020 4/5 Manju Agarwal, Andheri East Mumbai India.Product: Watsons glutathione bleaching capsules.

First class mujhe pasand hai pooree tarah se saphed ho gaya jaisa priyanka chopra.I love it thank you so much i cant thank you enough.

***** Oct.2.2020 5/5 Tina Oruko,Abuja Nigeria.Products:Yellow peeling oil/placenta set,g.t bleaching cream,a-bonne skin lightening miracle spa milk &watsons glutathione bleaching capsules

A friend of mine who lives in Japan suggested this after i told her that here in nigeria i could not find products to lighten my skin as much as i want.I didnt have to go through the trouble with experimenting with different products,as she has been using this yellow peeling oil set and a-bonne spa milk lotion and she is much lighter.I want to be even lighter then her because my natural complexion is darker then hers so i use their bleaching capsules as well and they have bleached my skin as light as i want it its a big contrast.

*****  Nov.7.2020 5/5 Darlene Young,Goring on Thames U.K.Product:Extra strength orange peeling lotion.

usually orange peeling lotion is used in dermatology offices as a skin lightening treatment,so i decided to try it out,my skin is bleached a heck of a lot lighter did not disappoint.This is a professional treatment,save yourself the time money and headaches and get it right the first time.You will not find skin lightening products that will lighten your skin as much as this in 95% of other places online.I know because im using lightening products for 19 years.cheers

***** Dec.12.2020 5/5 Kelly Jenkins,Miami Lakes Florida United States.Product:Watsons glutathione bleaching capsules.

finally found what i was looking for.I will say these tablets may not be for everyone because they bleach the skin a lot lighter.If you want to lighten your skin just 1-2 shades try another product.These tablets though literally changed my color.It depends on how light you want to go they have weaker and stronger products.

***** Jan.19.2021 5/5 Michelle Abreau,North Delta B.C Canada.Products:Kojie San soap & Kojie San 6 pc bleaching set.

It took me a few months but i finally found the authentic kojie san.