Skin whitening / bleaching for darker skinned individuals

African Americans,Indians,Latinos or any other nationalities with darker skin tones are not much different then other races when it comes to lightening of their skin.Individuals with darker skin have more melanin the pigment which gives our skin its color.Effective bleaching products inhibit the formation of melanin as well as tyrosinase activity which also gives our skin its color.

Our  bleaching formulations containing tranexamic,tretinoin,kojic acid,glutathione and other lightening agents are commonly used to lighten dark skin.It is this reduction in melanin which is one of the key ways to bleach the skin.Glutathione bleaching supplementation or capsules,are a very important part of any skin lightening and bleaching regimine particularly for individuals with naturally dark skin who are predispositioned to hyperpigmentation and melasma.They bleach as well as even out the skin tone.