Effectively bleaching your skin

Our extra strength bleaching products enable you to choose how many shades lighter you want to bleach your skin.Bleaching capsules,peeling oils and peeling lotions are typically the strongest products which bleach and lighten your skin the most.Our bleaching creams,lotions and soaps particularly when used together as well can bleach your skin several shades lighter.

Many of our bleaching products contain ascorbic- c or other compounds which aid in synthesis of glutathione absorption as well as that of kojic acid and other bleaching agents, essentially expediting skin lightening and quickly bleaching your skin.There are some individuals who suffer from extreme cases of acne,for which bleaching products are also used.The reason for this is that in addition to treating the acne,they also fade and diminish the resulting dark hyperpigmented acne scar.The same can be said for eradicating and bleaching sun spots,age spots and freckles.

Before/after photos of mrs.sangeeta venkataraman of hyderabad india shown using extra strength professional yellow peeling oil and watsons glutathione bleaching capsules.                          

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***** 5/5   Lakeisha Ward, Desplaines illinois United States. Product: extra strength orange peeling lotion.

Let me say straight out this is the strongest skin bleaching product i have found.My Natural skin tone is very dark like the actress whoppi goldberg,my skin now looks like the singer alicia keys.It does slightly dry out the skin but quite honestly thats the least of my concerns,i just apply a moisturizer and im good to go.I would give this product 10 stars if i could.I did try glutathione injections before that came close to the results i get with this lotion but they cost 1000 dollars a pop so that aint happening.

***** 5/5 Jerome Tilden,Akron Ohio United States.Products:kojie san soap & i white korea imported 2 minute bleaching gel

Everything cool i look like a mixed mulatto dude.This kojie san soap is the real deal.I had gotten kojie san soap previously from 6 different sellers on amazon as well as ebay.After i heard about many cheaper priced and fake kojie san versions sold i decided to take them to my dermatologist.None of them from ebay or amazon contained kojic inside this was verified by my dermatologist which means they were fake ass kojie san(authentic kojie san does contain kojic ) In life you get what you pay for. The kojie san soap i got from this hiroshi company does contain kojic inside,its the real deal.Thanks man

*** 3/5 Diane Estes,San Bernadino California United States.Products:Cosmo skin reduced glutathione skin whitening capsules,gt cosmetics bleaching cream.

they dont deliver to U.S  APO  or military bases so i had to have it sent to my relatives back home in california which was inconvenient.As for the cosmo skin capsules i love them they have lightened my skin much more then what i expected.

response from the owner: hello diane as much as we love the military personnel,most carriers do not deliver to military bases.We deliver to 99% of countries around the globe but certain places like military bases or antarctica  just are not possible.Thank you.

 ***** 5/5 Manju Agarwal, Andheri East Mumbai India.Product: Watsons glutathione bleaching capsules.      

Color changing becoming whiting

***** 5/5 Ladi Adeyemi,Abuja Nigeria.Products:Yellow peeling oil/placenta set,watsons glutathione bleaching capsules.

A friend of mine who lives in Japan suggested this after i told her that here in nigeria i could not find products to lighten my skin as much as i want.I didnt have to go through the trouble with experimenting with different products,as she has been using this yellow peeling oil set and she is much lighter.I want to be even lighter then her because my natural complexion is darker then hers so i use their bleaching capsules as well and they have bleached my skin as light as i want it,its a big difference.

***** 5/5 Darlene Young,North Delta B.C Canada.Product:Yellow peeling oil/placenta set

usually yellow peeling oil is used in dermatology offices as a skin lightening treatment,so i decided to try it out.The placenta cream which is included is also a bleaching cream.My skin is bleached a heck of a lot lighter did not disappoint.This is a professional treatment.