Effectively bleaching your skin

Our extra strength bleaching products enable you to choose how many shades lighter you want to bleach your skin.Bleaching capsules,peeling oils and peeling lotions are typically the strongest products which bleach and lighten your skin the most.Our bleaching creams,lotions and soaps particularly when used together as well can bleach your skin several shades lighter.

In addition,many of our bleaching products contain ascorbic - c  or other compounds which aid in synthesis of glutathione absorption as well as that of kojic acid and other bleaching agents, essentially expediting skin lightening and quickly bleaching your skin.There are some individuals who suffer from extreme cases of acne,for which bleaching products are also used .The reason for this is in addition to treating the acne, they also fade and diminish the resulting dark  hyperpigmented acne scar.The same can be said for eradicating and bleaching sun spots ,age spots,and freckles.

*Before/after photos shown using extra strength professional yellow peeling oil and watsons glutathione bleaching capsules.