Hiroshi skin whitening and hair loss was founded in 2010 in Tokyo,Japan and has since expanded to Philippines ,South Korea and throughout the Asia -Pacific region.We specialize in strong skin whitening / bleaching products for individuals who want to bleach their skin not just one or two but several shades lighter​.Skin whitening companies often make two versions of the exact same product​.Stronger versions found in select outlets such as dermatology clinics and pharmacies and weaker versions found on regular store shelves.We carry stronger versions which bleach your skin more.Lightening your skin just one or two shades will not make a visible difference.If you have a dark chocolate skin tone, you will still remain with a dark chocolate skin tone.However,once you start to bleach your skin 3 - 4 shades lighter or more ,then you start getting into a light caramel range and beyond that a white shade.Our skin lightening products are hypo-allergenic with no side effects,and allow you to choose how many shades lighter you want to bleach your skin.

Over 80% of skin whitening products being sold elsewhere online are fakes,this is a common problem.The main issue with products that are not authentic is that they are diluted and watered down, they are not as strong.We are located in Japan and throughout the Asia - Pacific region the center of the skin whitening industry.This is where the skin bleaching companies and manufacturers are located and this is where we are located as well.As a result, we purchase directly from the manufacturers to guarantee you are getting original and authentic products straight from the source.

NOTE: We take reliability seriously.All orders delivered on time worldwide 2 - 4 business days by express shipping and 6 - 9 business days by standard shipping.